Sublime Nothing
Ed Cheverton

📅 25.02.23 // 12:00 - 13:00
📍️ Bristol UK

  1. Mystic Island - T-SQUARE. 

    Join me on this first tour of the Sublime Nothing; the great void of empty Space. We of course start at the bustling Space Port, full of all forms of life from across the Galaxies. Each represents a fraction of the vibrancy of their cultures, their arts, foods and societies. The Space Port is where we start our journey but it encompasses the most exciting thing in our Universe which is the rich variety of life.

  2. 水色の聖地 / W・A・T・E・R - Akira Ito

    We go to faster-than-light travel, spanning in an instant distances that once took generations to cover. In this form of travel we can’t experience much of our Cosmos directly. So much is passing us by before we can observe it and at such speeds that it almost seems as if nothing is moving. We are akin to the floating sailing vessels of ancient civilisations that span the great oceans of their worlds, passing great distances but only seeing water and sky.

  3. Muse - Jay Daniel

    We rejoin normal space and time and our equipment immediately registers the building blocks of our Cosmos. Tiny particles of elements including Hydrogen, Iron and Carbon pass us perhaps one day to become greater and more complex objects and beings. Beneath these however our instruments also show the beginning of our Cosmos: a background of Cosmic microwave radiation filling all of space around us. This is the shockwave of the start of everything still detectable even now. It is the fossil of the genesis of our existence in the Universe

  4. The Space Travellers Lullaby - Kamasi Washington

    You should now see from the viewing platform one of the most beautiful sights in the Cosmos: a Nebula. These luminescent regions of our space are filled with gas, dust and various elements that naturally clump together to form dense areas that will eventually become stars. These gorgeous rich clouds of matter appear to form from very little, or the last explosive gasp of dying stars, yet end up making whole systems able to support life and civilisations.

  5. - Daniel Aged

    Oh this is a rare treat! You should see a very slow moving shape passing by us now and hear some reverberations around you. This is a Stellar Whale. These creatures are a relatively recent discovery in our Cosmos. They are drawn across the spans of outer space to the material rich nebulae and feed on the matter within. They are very gentle and live for untold millennia - in fact there is no recorded instance of one dying. This chap might be older than the planets we came from.

  6. Molly - Atonal

    As we move on in our tour we enter a large swathe of ‘empty space’. Of course there is not really any ‘empty space’ in our Cosmos, free floating elements and the Cosmic background radiation is always present. However here is where I believe we can get the closest to the Sublime Nothing. The absence of everything we recognise. No light from nearby stars, no clouds of dust, no solid objects. A true absence of everything and the purest form of quiet.

  7. solitary tiger - Aki Tsuyuko

    Entering this planetary system now you no doubt have noticed the fourth planet furthest from the star. This planet has stunningly large rings of rocks and material orbiting around it on a central axis. These rocks were either unable to coalesce and form a moon or are the debris from a moon that broke apart. Other particles and dust form the rings too, all together catching and reflecting the light from the star to form a striking series of bands around the planet. The symmetry of a circle and a sphere is a very natural occurrence in our Cosmos. All things eventually orbit around a greater object with stronger gravity at the centre.

  8. Wet Flakey Bark - Bibio

    Speaking of rocks and orbits you might notice a light moving in the distance. This is not another tour ship or indeed a single object, it is a small cluster of asteroids otherwise known as an asteroid family. They might be fragments from previous collisions of asteroids but remain together on a shared orbit, in this instance around the star of this system. They are travelling at a great speed now but they will be together as a family for a very long time.

  9. Via Mwandishi - Christian McBride

    Let’s look a little closer at the star in this system. If you look again at our instruments you will see there appears to be movements on the surface of the star. These are eruptions of radiation from the star, intense localised bursts of energy from active regions in a star’s atmosphere. Often but not always there will be a sudden and significant release of plasma from the star which can have a great impact on the orbiting planets. These are quite disruptive to our electrical systems so we will depart now from this system.

  10. Stranger Than Fiction - Moses Boyd

    We’re leaving one star system but we will observe another now from a distance. If you look out the viewing platform you will see a very bright object. That is another star known as a Supergiant. They are much much bigger stars and are some of the largest single objects in our known Universe. This particular Supergiant is at the end of its life and soon will become a supernova.

  11. Acheron/Unearthing the Orb - The Sword

    A Supernova is the last evolutionary stage of a massive star, it is a very powerful and bright explosion of the star which throws out material in a vast area. They are so bright that they can outshine entire galaxies before fading. The remnants either form a nebula (similar to the nebula we observed earlier) or collapse into itself to become a very very dense object known as a Neutron star. These are some of the smallest yet densest known stellar objects.

  12. Inner Paths (To Outer Space) - Blood Incantation

    Oh… this is unexpected. We thought this star would become a Neutron star however it has become something else. It has become a Black Hole and we are being drawn into its gravity well. These are regions of spacetime where the gravity is so strong that nothing can escape, not even light. The point of no return is known as the event horizon, we are nearing it now. No one knows what lies beyond or indeed what can survive beyond. Would you like to discover what is there with me? Perhaps we will find the true Sublime Nothing.


Mystic Island - T-SQUARE // 水色の聖地 / W・A・T・E・R - Akira Ito // Muse - Jay Daniel // The Space Travellers Lullaby - Kamasi Washington // - Daniel Aged // Molly - Atonal // solitary tiger - Aki Tsuyuko // Wet Flakey Bar - Bibio // Via Mwandishi - Christian McBride // Stranger Than Fiction - Moses Boyd // Acheron/Unearthing the Orb - The Sword // Inner Paths (To Outer Space) - Blood Incantation ︎