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Super Obscure
Seb Wescott
13:30 - 15:00

"Art never exists in isolation and I think you can draw a line from even the most obscure recorded media to something you know and recognise. Each episode of Super Obscure digs out a band that nobody cares about and uncovers their story with a deep dive into their music, the world it came from and the legacy it left behind."

Chocolate USA - My Little Two Eyes // Chocolate USA - The Feelies Show // Chocolate USA - Loud // Sebadoh - The Freed Pig // They Might Be Giants - Ana Ng // Tony Bennet - I Left My Heart In San Francisco // Edison Shine - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out // Rosewater Elizabeth - It Swallows Me Whole // Rancid Polecats - Show Us Your Tits // Chocolate USA - Two Dogs // Chocolate USA - Bookbag // Chocolate USA - Cherry Bomb // Chocolate USA - The Last Cowboy // Chocolate USA - First Kiss // Sunshine Fix - Future History and The Irrelevance of Time // Major Organ and the Adding Machine - Life Forms // The Gerbils - Battle Of Electricity // Neutral Milk Hotel - Holand 1945 // Julian Koster - The First Noel ︎